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By Prestige Dental Network
June 09, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Since the early Roman times, couples have prized the month of June as the most favorable time to exchange their marriage vows. If you and your betrothed are planning a June wedding this season, you no doubt want everything to be beautiful. That would include your smile—and with the appropriate techniques we can help you make it as bright and attractive as possible.

Here are 5 ways to a more attractive wedding day smile.

Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening. A routine dental cleaning right before the ceremony can remove stains and dental plaque that dull your teeth's appearance. For an added level of brightness, we can also whiten your teeth in time for your big day.

Repairing defects with bonding. Do you have a chipped tooth, or a broken or discolored filling? We may be able to repair minor defects like these in a single visit by bonding lifelike dental materials directly to the tooth. We color-match and sculpt these materials so that they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Advanced enhancements. In whatever ways your teeth may be flawed, there are dental solutions to transform your smile. We can correct minor to moderate chips, stains or slight gaps with porcelain veneers that cover the teeth's visible surface. We can cap a viable but unsightly tooth with a life-like crown. Missing teeth? A fixed bridge or dental implants could restore them like new.

Plastic gum surgery. Teeth may be the stars of your smile, but your gums are the supporting cast. Smiles with too much of the gums showing can be corrected through various techniques, including periodontal plastic surgery that reshapes the gums and can help the teeth appear more prominent.

Orthodontics. The original "smile transformer," braces and other orthodontic methods move misaligned teeth to better positions. Not only can orthodontic treatment result in a more attractive appearance, it can improve overall dental health.

You have an array of options for enhancing your wedding day smile, and we're more than happy to help you develop an individualized treatment plan. One caveat, though: some of these techniques could take weeks or months to complete, so don't delay!

If you would like more information about what you can do to have the most attractive smile for your wedding day, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. To learn more, read the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Beautiful Smiles by Design” and “Planning Your Wedding Day Smile.”

By Prestige Dental Network
May 02, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Over time, our smiles change. Stains, chips, and simple wear and tear may make us ashamed to laugh, smile broadly, and just be cosmeticourselves. Cosmetic dentistry from Prestige Dental Network in East Hartford can improve all that. Drs. Allan and Jenny Kwon remake smiles with the latest in aesthetic services. They can improve your appearance and your self-confidence, too.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that aesthetic treatments complement the healthy smile of a healthy patient. In other words, your cosmetic dentist in East Hartford ensures your teeth and gums are in good shape before addressing any aesthetic concerns you may have.

Over the past thirty years, more and more dentists have received specialized training in advanced cosmetic services. They are responding to greater demand on the part of their patients who desire smiles which express who they really are--both professionally and personally. Americans, in particular, understand the value of perfect smiles and desire them as much as good skin, trim body weight and more.


What Prestige Dental Network offers

Maybe your smile needs just a slight remake. Say you have a yellowed and dull sheen to your tooth enamel. Then, we may advise in-office or at-home teeth whitening. Economical, simple and truly effective, this popular service makes a visual difference and improves self-confidence.

Other services repair structural defects--from the smallest of chips and craze lines to deep decay and missing teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in East Hartford formulates a care plan to address every need; together, you can prioritize the services depending on your goals, needs, time, and budget.

Services include:

  • Bonding, to fill in little flaws with natural-looking composite resin
  • Porcelain veneers, laminates which camouflage deeper cracks, dark discoloration, gaps and more
  • Tooth-colored fillings which seamlessly restore decay with composite resin or porcelain
  • Porcelain crowns to shore up tooth enamel damaged by accident or cavities
  • Dental implants which replace missing teeth and improve bone and gum tissue
  • Bridgework, replacing one or more teeth in a row


What a wonderful smile!

You'll start hearing that compliment when you receive cosmetic dental services from Prestige Dental Network. Drs. Allan and Jenny Kwon would love to meet with you to discuss your cosmetic goals. You'll be amazed by what you learn at one in-office consultation. Call us today for an appointment. We have four convenient offices. For our East Hartford office, phone (860)-528-3350.

By Prestige Dental Network
December 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry SmileSeveral cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to rejuvenate your smile. Whether you need to replace a missing tooth or simply want a brighter smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can meet your needs. A dentist can recommend the appropriate procedures to achieve the results you desire. At Prestige Dental Network, Dr. Allan Kwon and Dr. Jenny Kwon are your dentists for cosmetic dentistry in East Hartford.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures are available that can give you the smile you desire. Your East Hartford dentist for cosmetic dentistry can explain the different procedures available and help you determine which procedures are right for you. Examples of common cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental bonding

Teeth whitening treatments provide a great way to brighten and refresh your smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments deliver superior and longer-lasting results to over-the-counter whitening products. For instance, in-office whitening treatments can whiten the teeth by several shades in just one treatment, with the results lasting for several years.

Dental implants help fill in the gaps in your smile by replacing missing teeth. A dental implant functions similarly to a tooth root by securely anchoring an artificial tooth in place. Dental implants can be used in conjunction with dental crowns, bridgework, or implant-supported overdentures to replace missing teeth.

Porcelain veneers can transform your smile by giving teeth with cosmetic flaws a flawless appearance. Veneers are thin covers placed on the front of teeth to conceal chips, cracks, discolorations, or other imperfections. Once in place, a porcelain veneer blends right in and looks like part of the natural tooth.

Dental bonding provides a means for correcting a variety of problems, including chips and cracks in teeth. Dental bonding can also be used to close small gaps between teeth. A resin material is applied in gaps or over chips and cracks. As the resin dries, it bonds with the tooth. Once dry, the resin blends in with the natural tooth and looks completely natural.

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures exist to rejuvenate your smile. A dentist can help you select the right ones for you. For cosmetic dentistry in East Hartford, CT, schedule an appointment with Drs. Allan or Jenny Kwon by calling Prestige Dental Network at (855) 697-7378.

By Prestige Dental Network
May 04, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Many patients are inspired to visit the dentist to ask if there’s any way that their smile can look better. They want brighter, better-aligned, cosmetic dentistrycontoured, nice teeth that are all the same size. One or more of the cosmetic dentistry options available at Prestige Dental Network in Meriden, Hartford, West Hartford, and East Hartford, CT can give you the dream smile you’ve always wished you could have.

Cosmetic Smile Challenges 
Living with an imperfect smile can be a major challenge—especially if you’re forced to spend a lot of time around others because of work, school, and other obligations. It’s natural to glance at a person’s teeth when they talk or smile, which is why it can be a source of insecurity. If you have a challenged smile, whether the problem is gaps between the teeth, crowding, or “extra” teeth, a dental solution is available to help your case.

Cosmetic Treatments That Might Help 
Just about any aesthetic smile problem can be improved with the modern cosmetic dentistry treatments available at Prestige Dental Network in Meriden, Hartford, West Hartford, and East Hartford. These are some of the treatments that may help your smile:

- Teeth bleaching, which changes the color of your teeth up to eight shades.
- Veneers, which form an attractive and protective shell over your front teeth.
- Crowns, for when a tooth is almost completely eroded on the outside but it still has a strong root.
- Tooth-colored dental fillings to restore strength and protect the tooth from decay, while preserving the white exterior. 

A Limitless Smile
You shouldn’t feel limited, whether socially or professionally, by the current appearance of your teeth. Your smile is an expression of how you feel and how well you take care of yourself. Go to a dentist to discuss your cosmetic options—you may find that a limitless smile has been within your reach all along.

Start with a Consultation
The first step toward bettering your smile is to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation. Call Prestige Dental Network in Meriden, Hartford, West Hartford, and East Hartford, CT at (855) 697-7378 to set a convenient date and time to visit the office.

By Prestige Dental Network
February 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What your dentists in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford want you to knowteeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can turn your smile from dull to dazzling in one quick treatment. Your smile can go from uninteresting to outstanding in a flash. Your dentists at Prestige Dental Network want to help you achieve the brilliant smile you deserve. They have several convenient office locations in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford, CT to serve your dental needs.

You’ve probably journeyed to your local grocery store in search of a teeth whitening product, but that’s the wrong choice, and here’s why:

  • Many over-the-counter products aren’t fully tested and contain harmful chemicals and abrasive agents.
  • Over-the-counter products often don’t whiten your teeth as much as you would like them to.
  • Results from over-the-counter products don’t last nearly as long as results from professional teeth whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening treatment is the right choice, because:

  • Professional teeth whitening treatments are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness and approved by the American Dental Association before use.
  • A professional teeth whitening treatment can whiten your smile up to 8 shades and the results can last an astounding 5 years!

At Prestige Dental Network, you can choose from two whitening options:

In-office teeth whitening if you want a bright smile quickly; this process takes only about an hour so it can be performed during a lunch hour, without taking time out of your day.

Take-home whitening if you want to whiten your smile at your own pace; this process comes in a kit with everything you need to whiten your smile conveniently at home, whenever you want.

If you want a bright, white smile that makes a great impact, professional teeth whitening is the right choice for you. Professional teeth whitening is quick, inexpensive, and provides excellent results, so if you want to enhance your smile, consider teeth whitening.

For more information about professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, call your dentists at Prestige Dental Network with offices in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford, CT. Call today!