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By Prestige Dental Network
March 05, 2019
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A smile that is dull, stained, or discolored can be completely rejuvenated with professional teeth whitening. At Prestige Dental Network in Teeth WhiteningEast Hartford, CT, Drs. Allan and Jenny Kwon can help you turn your tired teeth into a dazzling smile!


Teeth Whitening Options

Professional teeth whitening is available as both an in-office procedure or a take-home treatment. The dentists at our East Hartford practice can help you decide which option is best for you.

Teeth whitening treatments performed in-office deliver the quickest results of any type of whitening treatment, for patients can enjoy significantly whiter teeth after just one whitening session. The procedure entails that a professional strength whitening gel is applied on to your teeth and left on for about one hour. During this time, the bleaching agent in the whitening gel penetrates the enamel of the teeth to remove stains and discolorations and brighten the teeth. A typical in-office whitening treatment lasts about one hour.

The alternative, of course, is take-home whitening. A take-home whitening kit is also provided by a dentist so it still contains a high-quality professional bleaching agent for whitening the teeth. The major difference between take-home kits and in-office whitening is that it can take a few weeks to achieve the desired results with a take-home kit. When using a take-home kit, patients add the professional whitening gel to custom-made trays and place the trays over both rows of teeth for about an hour at a time.


Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are multiple advantages to selecting either in-office or take-home professional teeth whitening over other options, such as over-the-counter whitening products. Professional teeth whitening treatments contain a professional level bleaching agent that delivers faster and longer lasting whitening results than most over-the-counter whitening products. Additionally, the results of over-the-counter whitening products, such as toothpastes or strips, can be inconsistent. Professional teeth whitening treatments deliver reliable and strong results.

Rejuvenating your smile is quick and easy with professional teeth whitening! Call Prestige Dental Network at (855) 697-7378 or 855-MY-PRESTIGE.

By Prestige Dental Network
December 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry SmileSeveral cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to rejuvenate your smile. Whether you need to replace a missing tooth or simply want a brighter smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can meet your needs. A dentist can recommend the appropriate procedures to achieve the results you desire. At Prestige Dental Network, Dr. Allan Kwon and Dr. Jenny Kwon are your dentists for cosmetic dentistry in East Hartford.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures are available that can give you the smile you desire. Your East Hartford dentist for cosmetic dentistry can explain the different procedures available and help you determine which procedures are right for you. Examples of common cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental bonding

Teeth whitening treatments provide a great way to brighten and refresh your smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments deliver superior and longer-lasting results to over-the-counter whitening products. For instance, in-office whitening treatments can whiten the teeth by several shades in just one treatment, with the results lasting for several years.

Dental implants help fill in the gaps in your smile by replacing missing teeth. A dental implant functions similarly to a tooth root by securely anchoring an artificial tooth in place. Dental implants can be used in conjunction with dental crowns, bridgework, or implant-supported overdentures to replace missing teeth.

Porcelain veneers can transform your smile by giving teeth with cosmetic flaws a flawless appearance. Veneers are thin covers placed on the front of teeth to conceal chips, cracks, discolorations, or other imperfections. Once in place, a porcelain veneer blends right in and looks like part of the natural tooth.

Dental bonding provides a means for correcting a variety of problems, including chips and cracks in teeth. Dental bonding can also be used to close small gaps between teeth. A resin material is applied in gaps or over chips and cracks. As the resin dries, it bonds with the tooth. Once dry, the resin blends in with the natural tooth and looks completely natural.

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures exist to rejuvenate your smile. A dentist can help you select the right ones for you. For cosmetic dentistry in East Hartford, CT, schedule an appointment with Drs. Allan or Jenny Kwon by calling Prestige Dental Network at (855) 697-7378.


Academy Award-winning actress Kathy Bates knows how important it is to present your best face to the world — and one of the most important features of that face is a beaming smile. But there came a point when she noticed something was a little off. “I've always had good teeth, but it seemed to me as I was getting older that they weren't looking as good,” Kathy explained in a recent interview with Dear Doctor magazine.

That's when she decided it was time to take action. Kathy had orthodontic treatment when she was in her fifties, and she keeps her smile bright with tooth whitening treatments. She uses a kit provided by her dentist with a safe, effective whitening solution.

Of course, a bright, healthy smile looks great anywhere — whether you're on the red carpet or “off the grid.” And you don't have to be a Hollywood star to have professional whitening treatments. In fact, teeth whitening is one of the most popular and affordable cosmetic treatments modern dentistry offers.

The basic options for professional teeth whitening include in-office bleaching or take-home kits. Both types of dentist-supervised treatments offer a safe and effective means of getting a brighter smile; the main difference is how long they take to produce results. A single one-hour treatment in the office can make your teeth up to ten shades lighter — a big difference! To get that same lightening with at-home trays, it would take several days. On the plus side, the take-home kit is less expensive, and can achieve the same results in a bit more time.

It's important to note that not all teeth can be whitened with these treatments. Some teeth have intrinsic (internal) stains that aren't affected by external agents like bleaches. Also, teeth that have been restored (with bonding or veneers, for example) generally won't change color. And you can't necessarily whiten your teeth to any degree: Every tooth has a maximum whiteness, and adding more bleach won't lighten it beyond that level. Most people, however, find that teeth whitening treatments produce noticeable and pleasing results.

What about those off-the-shelf kits or in-the-mall kiosks? They might work… or they might not. But one thing's for sure: Without a dentist's supervision, you're on your own. That's the main reason why you should go with a pro if you're considering teeth whitening. We not only ensure that your treatment is safe — we can also give you a realistic idea of what results to expect, and we will make sure that other dental problems aren't keeping you from having a great-looking smile.

How often does Kathy Bates see her dentist for a checkup and cleaning? “I go about every four months,” she noted. “I'm pretty careful about it.” And if you've seen her smile, you can tell that it pays off. If you would like more information about teeth whitening, please contact us or schedule an appointment. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Important Teeth Whitening Questions Answered” and “Teeth Whitening.”

By Prestige Dental Network
February 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

What your dentists in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford want you to knowteeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can turn your smile from dull to dazzling in one quick treatment. Your smile can go from uninteresting to outstanding in a flash. Your dentists at Prestige Dental Network want to help you achieve the brilliant smile you deserve. They have several convenient office locations in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford, CT to serve your dental needs.

You’ve probably journeyed to your local grocery store in search of a teeth whitening product, but that’s the wrong choice, and here’s why:

  • Many over-the-counter products aren’t fully tested and contain harmful chemicals and abrasive agents.
  • Over-the-counter products often don’t whiten your teeth as much as you would like them to.
  • Results from over-the-counter products don’t last nearly as long as results from professional teeth whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening treatment is the right choice, because:

  • Professional teeth whitening treatments are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness and approved by the American Dental Association before use.
  • A professional teeth whitening treatment can whiten your smile up to 8 shades and the results can last an astounding 5 years!

At Prestige Dental Network, you can choose from two whitening options:

In-office teeth whitening if you want a bright smile quickly; this process takes only about an hour so it can be performed during a lunch hour, without taking time out of your day.

Take-home whitening if you want to whiten your smile at your own pace; this process comes in a kit with everything you need to whiten your smile conveniently at home, whenever you want.

If you want a bright, white smile that makes a great impact, professional teeth whitening is the right choice for you. Professional teeth whitening is quick, inexpensive, and provides excellent results, so if you want to enhance your smile, consider teeth whitening.

For more information about professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, call your dentists at Prestige Dental Network with offices in East Hartford, Meriden, Hartford, and West Hartford, CT. Call today!

By Prestige Dental Network
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Over time a beautiful smile can become faded and stained turning dull and dingy. Making a great impression can often be accomplishedteeth whitening with a simple gorgeous smile. Wiping away the years can be accomplished with the help of teeth whitening. An East Hartford, CT, dentist can provide you with the teeth whitening options you need to get that smile back. Prestige Dental Network has the tools and advances in technology that will create a brighter whiter smile in a very short amount of time. You don’t have to wait to feel confident again.

The Teeth Whitening Process

When you first meet with the East Hartford teeth whitening professional, they will want to take a good look at your teeth to determine if they are in overall good condition. While you can turn to over the counter teeth whitening, going to a professional will give you better results faster with less mess and work. In most cases, the dentist will apply protection to the gums and lips before getting started. A specialized strong hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied to the teeth being careful not to get it on the gums or the lips. This will be left on the teeth for a fair amount of time depending on the desired results. When the gel is removed, you will see immediate results in the shade of your teeth. Some teeth whitening gel is activated by a special light to make it work faster.

You can have a beautiful smile, free of stains and discoloration, with the help of professional East Hartford, CT, teeth whitening specialist. Our staff is ready to provide you with brighter and whiter teeth in a short amount of time. Don’t wait to make this easy change that makes a dramatic difference. Call us today at 855-697-7378 to learn more and to schedule a consultation. You’ll be proud of your new smile and regain the confidence you might have lost.