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Whether you need general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry, or emergency dental services, Meriden Dental Associates, LLC can help. They have some of the most highly-skilled, experienced, caring dentist in the industry. Plus their prices are affordable on almost any budget. Few people have perfect teeth. With the help of the staff at Meriden Dental Associates, LLC your smile can look the best it ever has. No matter your age, they can create a dental plan that’s right for you. It begins with the advice you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and continues on to provide you with any type of dental care you need.

From the time you enter the office you know immediately it’s a special place. They’ve created a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere that helps to relieve stress and helps people relax. Their offices are conveniently located, they have a bilingual staff, and the reception area has games like x-box and others which help to make children, teens, and adults comfortable. They also accept all major insurance plans, including HUSKY and their equipment is state of the art. When you choose Meriden Dental Associates, LLC you know you’re getting the very best dental services possible.

Your first visit to Meriden Dental Associates, LLC begins with a free in-depth dental examination. Their friendly, caring staff will do everything they can to make your dental treatment as painless as possible. This includes administering nitrous oxide. That’s why children and adults alike love having their dental issues taken care of at Meriden Dental Associates, LLC.

Your smile is also important for personal and professional relationships. If you have dental problems that cause you discomfort or make your smile look bad and disrupts your personal and professional relationships, the dentists at Meriden Dental Associates, LLC can help.

A Meriden dentist will do a thorough dental examination to identify the dental services that are right for you. All their dentists are NYU graduates and their entire staff is experts specially trained in their fields. They use their expertise to provide you with the information and dental services you need. They want to keep your smile looking its best and meet all of your dental needs.

834 Broad Street,
2nd Floor
Meriden CT 06450



Office Hours:
Monday: 9-6 pm
Tuesday: 9-6 pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9-6 pm
Friday: 9-6 pm



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