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At East Hartford Children’s Dental, LLC we are your partners in your child’s oral health. We specialize in working with children, providing education, preventative care, exams, cleanings, emergency services and everything you may need to care for your children’s oral health.

We are conveniently located on Main Street and have several other locations around Hartford. Our facilities are exceptionally clean and we use state of the art technology. We are proud to accept all major insurance plans, including HUSKY. To make your wait time stress-free we also offer Xbox games in the reception area to keep your children entertained and reduce anxiety. We want your children to feel comfortable and safe in our office, and we want you to feel great about bringing them here.

We have friendly bi-lingual staff and all of our dentists are NYU Graduates with the most up-to-date education and skills, so you can be assured your child receives the very best care and treatment in any of our offices. Our dentists also take the time to talk with your children and teach them proper brushing techniques and other ways they can be active in taking care of their own teeth. We reinforce the lessons you teach at home about oral health so your children will listen to you once home and be excited to know they can be responsible for their own teeth. Our staff is available to answer any questions you have and to provide additional information as needed.

Along with state-of-the-art technology we offer the skills to work with special needs children, patients with high anxiety or dental fears, and those who require nitrous oxide to ease their cleaning or procedure experience. We are sensitive to your child’s needs and listen to them. We provide full services from basic exams and cleanings through braces for your teenager and are prepared to meet their unique needs for care. We also provide emergency services in the event of injuries, infections or other problems while ensuring that your child receives the same care and attention they would at a scheduled appointment. We recognize that emergency situations create additional stress to both you and your child, and can be traumatic for special needs children, so we are committed to a calm environment and using all necessary techniques to put your child at ease.

When you are looking for the best dental care for your children, we are very pleased to offer it in multiple locations throughout Hartford. We are flexible, accept all major insurance and HUSKY, offer you access to competent fully trained dentists and a friendly and engaging environment. We specialize in children’s dental care and want to be part of your trusted team for their care.

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