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Hamptons Dental GroupW.H. Hamptons Dental Group, LLC offers high-quality preventative, general and cosmetic dental care. There are several reasons you should consider choosing our dental clinic. Our facility is well-kept and clean. We also have friendly staff members who are bilingual. Waiting in our office is very convenient because our reception area has Xbox and games.

Our dentists have graduated from New York University. We also have competitive pricing and all major forms of insurance are accepted at our office. We also accept HUSKY. We know that the cost of dental care is one of the things that keeps people from going to the dentist. We believe that no one should have to go without the dental care they need because of the expense. That is why we strive to keep our dental care affordable. Additionally, the technology we use is state of the art.

Our dentists are strong proponents of preventative dental care. Regular cleanings and checkups will help prevent dental issues. Patients should get examinations and cleanings every six months. We also encourage them to get fluoride treatments. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and strengthen the enamel.

X-rays are also a part of a dental examination at our office. Many people are concerned about the safety of dental x-rays. However, our dental x-rays use significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays, which is why they are safer.

We can help people who have a problem with snoring. We have snore guards that are designed to keep the airway open. This helps prevent snoring.

One of the many great things about our dentists is that they can cater to all of our patients’ dental needs. We can perform fillings, root canals, simple extractions and surgical extractions. We even offer TMJ splints.

Furthermore, we have cosmetic dental services. Our dentists understand that the smile is often one of the first things that other people see. People who do not like their teeth are much less likely to smile. Dental bonding, braces, teeth whitening, snap-on smile, lumineers, bridges and implants are examples of some our many cosmetic dentistry options available.

We can even perform gum surgery. This surgery is performed using a laser. There are no shots used during the surgery, and it is pain-free. If you want to find out about which option is best for you, then you should consider giving us a call. We will help you decide which cosmetic treatments are the best for you.

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